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About GHG Inventories
Activity History
The 3rd Workshop on GHG Inventories in Asia Region

Agenda with presentations

Day 1, Thursday 23rd February
9:00- 9:30


Participant Registration (30 min.)



Opening Session (50 min.)
Chair: Ms. Macandog, Philippines
9:30- 9:35

Dr. Nishioka, Japan

Welcome address (5 min.)
9:35- 9:38

Dr. Supangco, Philippines

Welcome speech from host country (3 min.)
9:38- 9:41

Mr. Ignacio, Philippines

Welcome speech from host country (3 min.)
9:41- 9:55


Introduction of participants (14 min.)

Ms. Umemiya, Japan

ボタン Overview of workshop and explanation of schedule (13 min.+ 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF:510KB]


Questions (10 min.)


Tea Break (15 min.)


SessionT: Updates on GHG inventories in Asia region (85 min.)
Chair: Mr. Aizawa, Japan
"News from All"
10:35-10:42 Prof. Xu, China ボタン China’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 532KB]
10:42-10:49 Mr. Hilman, Indonesia ボタン Indonesia’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF:784KB]
10:49-10:56 Mr. Baba, Japan ボタン Japan’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 2.77MB]
10:56-11:03 Dr. Choi, Republic of Korea ボタン Korea’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 454KB]
11:03-11:10 Mr. Sengchandala, Lao PDR ボタン Lao PDR’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 552KB]
11:10-11:17 Ms. Mustapa, Malaysia Malaysia’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A)
11:17-11:24 Ms. Borkhuu, Mongolia ボタン Mongolia’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 2.81MB]
11:24-11:31 Ms. Villanueva, Philippines ボタン Philippine’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 440KB]
11:31-11:38 Ms. Tummakird, Thailand ボタン Thailand’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF:1.03MB]
11:38-11:45 Mr. Hoa, Viet Nam ボタン Viet Nam’s News (5 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 1.06MB]
11:45-12:00 All Questions and discussion (15 min.)


Lunch Time (90 min.)


Session I (continued) (45 min.)
13:30-13:50 Mr. Revet, UNFCCC ボタン Sectoral features of GHG inventories from non-Annex I Parties (17 min. + 3 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 2.58MB]
13:50-14:05 Ms. Umemiya, Japan ボタン Overview and schedule for Session II (13 min. + 2 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 279KB]
14:05-14:15 All Questions and discussions (10 min.)
14:15-14:40   Tea Break (25 min.)
(until WG finishes work)


SessionU: Countries’ practices, by sector ( 230 min.)
Chair for Energy WG: Mr. Aizawa, Japan
Chair for Agriculture WG: Dr. Punsalmaa, Mongolia
Chair for LULUCF WG: Dr. Boer, Indonesia
Chair for Waste WG: Dr. Towprayoon, Thailand
  Energy WG
  Ms. Mustapa, Malaysia ボタン The development of GHG inventory for energy sector and industrial processes - Malaysia [PDF: 1.23KB]
  Mr. Aizawa, Japan ボタン Japan’s country-specific emission factors for the CO2 emissions from fuel combustion [PDF: 1.01KB]
  Dr. Bhattacharya, India ボタン GHG emission factors developed for the energy sector in India [PDF: 1.76MB]
  Agriculture WG
  Dr. Chidthaisong, Thailand ボタン Methane emission from Thai paddy fields by using the sensor technique [PDF: 0.99MB]
  Dr. Macandog, Philippines ボタン Nitrous oxide and methane emissions and nitrogen dynamics in hedgerow systems in the uplands of Southern Philippines [PDF: 2.81MB]
  Dr. Osada, Japan ボタン Better evaluation system for N2O and CH4 emission from composting (and wastewater purification) of Livestock waste [PDF: 5.29MB]
  Mr. Khoon, Malaysia ボタン Development inventory of the country-specific activity data and estimation methods for forests ecosystems and land-use change in Malaysia [PDF: 1.02MB]
  Mr. Thoeun, Cambodia ボタン Development of the LULUCF’s GHG Inventories of Cambodia [PDF: 3.06MB]
  Mr. Sato, Japan ボタン Experience learned by using the IPCC’s Good Practice Guidance on Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry in developing Japan’s GHG inventories [PDF: 1.62MB]
  Waste WG
  Dr. Gao, China ボタン The estimate model of MSW generation in China [PDF: 922KB]
  Dr. Choi, Republic of Korea ボタン Estimation and uncertainty analysis of CH4 emissions from landfills [PDF: 2.14MB]
  Dr. Yamada, Japan Organic and fossil carbon flow analysis of waste streams: A good practice for solid waste sector
Day 2, Friday 24th February
SessionV: Reports and overall discussion (150 min.)
Chair: Dr. Nishioka, Japan
9:00-9:10 Rapporteur: Ms. Villanueva, Philippines Report on the Day 1 (10 min.)
9:10-9:20 Ms. Tummakird, Thailand ボタン Report from Energy WG (7 min. + 3 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 312KB]
9:20-9:30 Mr. Sengchandala, Lao PDR ボタン Report from Agriculture WG (7 min. + 3 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 362KB]
9:30-9:40 Ms. Umemiya, Japan ボタン Report from LULUCF WG (7 min. + 3 min. for Q&A.) [PDF: 23KB]
9:40-9:50 Dr. Gao, China ボタン Report from Waste WG (7 min. + 3 min. for Q&A) [PDF: 821KB]
9:50-11:30 All Overall discussion (100 min.)
- Sectoral features of GHG inventory development
- Future Activities (e.g. WGIA Activity Report etc.)
  Ms. Umemiya, Japan ボタン Proposal for the concept of the WGIA Activity Report [PDF: 606KB]
ボタン Proposal for the outline of the WGIA Activity Report [PDF: 545KB]
11:30-11:45   Tea Break (15 min.)
11:45-12:10   Closing Session (25 min.)
Co-chairs: Mr. Baba and Mr. Aizawa, Japan>
11:45-12:00 Dr. Nishioka, Japan Wrap-up (15 min.)
12:00-12:05 Mr. Concepcion, Philippines Closing remarks (5 min.)
12:05-12:10 Mr. Baba, Japan Closing remarks (5 min.)

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