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About GHG Inventories
Activity History
The 1st Workshop on GHG Inventories in Asia Region

Agenda with presentations

Day 1, Thursday, 13 November 2003





Opening Session (120 min.)
Chair: Dr. Damasa Macandog

Dr. Shuzo Nishioka, Japan

Welcome address (3 min.)

Dr. Sirintornthep Towprayoon, Thailand

Welcome speech from host country (5 min.)

Dr. Hideaki Nakane, Japan

Overview of workshop and explanation of schedule (10 min.) [PDF: 61KB]

each participant

Introduction of participants (10 min.)

Mr. Dominique Revet, UNFCCC

Presentation on recent trends in preparing National Communications for non-Annex I countries (30 min. + Q&A 10 min.) [PDF: 218KB]

Mr. Kiyoto Tanabe, IPCC-NghgiP/TSU

Presentation on revision of IPCC guidelines and development of database for emission factors (30 min. + Q&A 10 min.) [PDF: 172KB]




Session I (140 min.):
Reports by participating officials on the development of national system for gathering information regarding the inventories
Chair: Mr. Dominique Revet
  Mr. Yoshiteru Sakaguchi and Mr. Tomoyuki Aizawa Presentation on recent problems and efforts on preparing inventory in Japan (25 min. + Q&A 5 min.) [PDF: 378KB]
  Presentation on establishment of national system on preparing inventories (13 min. + Q&A 2 min. for each presentation)
Dr. Asdaporn Krairapanond National system in Thailand [PDF: 109KB]
Mr. Heng Chan Thoeum National system in Cambodia [PDF: 27KB]
Mr. Gunardi National system in the Indonesia
Mr. Seung-Hwan Oh National system in Korea
Dr. Damdin Dagvadorj National system in the Mongolia [PDF: 85KB]
Ms. Raquel Ferraz Villanueva National system in the Philippines [PDF: 80KB]
All Overall Q&A for session I (20 min.)


Tea Break


Session II (130 min.):
Reports by participating experts on technical issues relating to the preparation of inventories
Chair: Dr. Asdaporn Krairapanond
    Presentation on methods applied for the preparation of inventories including methods for collection of activity data and calculation of emission factors
Dr. Sirintornthep Towprayoon Thailand (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 278KB]
Dr. Gao Qingxian China (15 min. + Q&A 5 min.) [PDF: 427KB]
Mr. Sum Thy Cambodia (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 52KB]
Dr. Amit Garg India (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 271KB]
Dr. Rizaldi Boer Indonesia (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 329KB]
Dr. Seungdo Kim Korea (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 120KB]
Mr. Syamphone Sengchandala Lao Republic (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 69KB]
All Overall Q&A for session II (20 min.)
Day 2, Friday, 14 November 2003
Session II (continued) (65 min.)
Chair: Dr. Gao Qingxian
  Dr. Batima Punsalmaa Mongolia (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 44KB]
Dr. Damasa Macandog Philippines (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 81KB]
Mr. Hoang Manh Hoa Vietnam (12 min. + Q&A 3 min.) [PDF: 366KB]
All Overall Q&A for session II (20 min.)
10:35-10:55   Tea Break


Session III: Discussions (105 min.)
Chair: Dr. Shuzo Nishioka
  Dr. Sirintornthep Towprayoon, Thailand Report on Session I and II from Rapporteur
Dr. Hideaki Nakane, Japan Overview on APN-CAPaBLE project
Discussion on expanding possibilities for improvements in preparing inventories
The output shall be reflected in the revision of IPCC guidelines in 2006 and the development of database for emission factors.
All Introduction on APN-CAPaBLE project and suggestions on this project
12:40-14:10   Lunch (during which preparations will be made for Session III)
14:10-15:00   Session III: Wrap-up
15:00-15:20   Closing Session
  Dr. Shuzo Nishioka, Japan Closing Remarks
Dr. Asdaporn Krairapanond, Thailand Closing Remarks
Mr. Katsuhiko Naito, Japan Closing Remarks

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